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About Us

Media Rhythm Institute (MRI) is a collective of youth education programs focused on using media and art skills to promote STEM, enhance academic achievement and develop future entrepreneurs. MRI programs offer media and arts entertainment based enrichment and training the fields of dance performance, hip hop music composition and performance, dj’ing,  filmmaking, and videography.

With no shortage of talent in Baltimore, MRI was created in 2017 to increase knowledge and address the needs of young artists. The MRI collective of educational programming guides youth and young adults to create a unique, yet purposeful impact through arts entertainment and media. Building on education and workforce development, MRI exists to create a group of young art and media entrepreneurs prepared to industrialize the business with responsible and innovative productions for their community. 

Recording studio equipment
Music Class
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Mission & Vision
MRI Mission
MRI Vision

Socially and emotionally healthy youth leveraging their talents and skills to set an economic foundation for self-sustainability and community empowerment.

As an educational incubator, we develop the next generation of media and entertainment industry professionals through STEM-based workforce training, academic achievement and industry opportunities.



  • Artistic Passion

  • Integrity

  • Preparation

  • Skill Mastery

  • Creating Community

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