iRhyme is a reading literacy program that uses HipHop to encourage entrepreneurship, & interest in STEM. Beyond creating songs and CD's, iRhyme guides students through articles focused on social issues & community-driven solutions. Students are given the opportunity to digest, respond to & accept or reject what they read. After writing their own lyrics in response to the assigned reading, they learn how to produce songs (recording, editing, and more).

Expressa is a Spanish language based version of the iRhyme music literacy program. The program is taught by native Spanish speaking instructors and follows the same curriculum as the iRhyme program. Expressa guides students through articles focused on social issues & community-driven solutions and similarly, Spanish speaking and bilingual students are encouraged to produce songs and create content in either English or Spanish. 

students will...

  • Engage 3-4 texts per program & create 3-4 songs based on the text that they engage

  • Receive reading tips & tricks for comprehension & demonstration of comprehension

  • Have at least one performance during the program finale

  • Be given CD's to practice marketing, advertising  & selling their finished product

Media Rhythm Institute (MRI) is a collective of youth education programs focused on using media and art skills to promote STEM, enhance academic achievement and develop future entrepreneurs.

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