Left Foot Right Foot is a behavior change intervention that helps students self-reflect as problems arise during the school day.  This program is an alternative to in-school suspension. Through music therapy, restorative practices, and emotional education, our youth find a safe space for reflection of conflicts, understanding of different perspectives, taking ownership of roles in conflict and working towards a positive action that restores balance. This program also encourages the administrative team to focus on instruction and clinicians to be specific in the kind of support they provide students, creating a team effort that serves the whole child.

students will...

  • Self-reflect through a three-step process 

  • Be given a selected engagement tool from a variety of music, videos, audio clips, & other forms to give the student an outside, unorthodox perspective on the matter at hand

  • Earn an exit ticket after debriefing the process and sharing what they got from the interaction 

Media Rhythm Institute (MRI) is a collective of youth education programs focused on using media and art skills to promote STEM, enhance academic achievement and develop future entrepreneurs.

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