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Congratulations to our Partners BMORE THAN DANCE

“Hey down the hill!”

“Bring in the cats!”

“Hey you knuckleheads, walking down the avenue!”


This month, Netflix premiered a movie that gave Baltimore all the shine we have so deserved! The film created by TT The Artist, Dark City- Beneath the Beat , explores the struggle, the story, and most of all the music of the city that we call home.

Club music is to Baltimore what gumbo and crawfish are to New Orleans, it is our identity! Beginning in the 90’s, club music started making an appearance in basement parties channeling that house music energy. Miss Tony said “How you wanna carry it?” right alongside Uncle Luke, Frank Ski, DJ Spen, and Scottie B.

This unique style took samples from popular shows and songs and made original native magic. One of the most popular hits based off of a children’s favorite would definitely be the “Spongebob” Baltimore Club Mix. There’s even a dance to go along with it. Watching people hit that is a beautiful thing. Only the real can make it look like their feet aren’t even hitting the ground, just legs flying.

MRI would like to congratulate our partner’s over at Bmore Than Dance (BTD) for their appearance and influence throughout the duration of the film and its creation. MRI's own Ms. Kae took time to sit down with the film's stars and BTD founder to discuss what this means to them and to the city. Check it out here

In Dark City, the appreciation is received well by this community in particular. Here at MRI, we believe in expression and beats! If you don’t, you can just “Mind mind mind mind mind mind ya business!”

BMore Than Dance's Mello, teaching MRI Scholars dance routine

With that being said, we would like to specifically thank and congratulate our instructors and teaching artists Neek, Melo, and Trent who appeared in the film and represented flawlessly.

We look forward to resuming our dance instruction classes when in-person classes return.

“Porkchop! Bring in the cats!”

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