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Lakeland's Channel Me Media Scholars Team Up for Film Festival Submission

Hey MRI family! We have some really fun and exciting news to share! As the company teaches the youth how to hone into their natural abilities, we like to put their talents to the test. Our Lakeland Leaders in the after school program for Channel Me Media are ready for some friendly competition.

MRI scholars want their voices heard, letting the world know that they are informed on current events. We love the earth we live on and have the opportunity to show our knowledge and skill! Working hard every Wednesday after school for the 1st and 2nd quarter of this school year, our students are prepared and ready to submit their work WORLDWIDE. Scholars have decided to enter The 2020 Eco- Comedy Video Competition, sponsored by the Center for Environmental Filmmaking; the theme is “ Clean Air and Clean Water”. These Lakeland leaders were overly ready for the challenge: a short, funny film with a clear, environmentally friendly message that would go on YouTube! Our students talk about becoming Youtube stars all the time, in and out of the classroom, and now they took their opportunity!

Submitted in the K-8 category, our elite scholars conjured characters for the shoot. From the dancers, to the actors, videographers, and directors, everyone was all in for this project. The winner of this competition will be awarded a cash prize, recognition in the DC Environmental Film Festival and Center for Environmental Filmmaking and The Nature Conservancy website. Film submission is February 15th, so stay tuned!

Our Lakeland scholars from our iRead iRhyme program created the “Bee Chop” with our multi talented instructor, Mr. BJ. Bee Chop is giving audience awareness about Baltimore’s pollution problem, featuring Baltimore’s Smokestack and Inner Harbor. Also, bee endangerment in America. Bees pollinate our flowers and trees, giving us fresh oxygen to breathe!

DON’T KILL THE BEES. DON’T KILL THE BEES! This is the message of our scholars.

Stop chopping down the trees! Mr. TrashWheel was another featured guest, a sustainable solar and hydropower machine that cleans and filter trash out of Baltimore's Harbor. Click link below to find out more about him.

Here's a recap of our shoot.

Around 10am, on January 11, 2020, the hardworking Lakeland leaders took their time for extra sleep and relaxation to go and “get to the BAG”. They were a little lax on this beautiful Saturday morning, but as soon as we arrived at our first location, they were in full character. Even one of our fellow Lakeland teachers, Ms. Garcia, joined us on set as Queen Bee.

Downtown exhibits some of the most polluted areas in Baltimore. From the Inner Harbor water filled with carelessly tossed trash to the smelly alley ways. Our first location was at the Mr. TrashWheel, next to the Pier 5 Pavilion. Mr. Trash Wheel was created by John Kellett, founder of the Clearwater Mills LLC., in hopes to find a solution to the “negative impact that pollution has on Baltimore’s biggest attraction (Inner Harbor).” This sustainable machine operates to clean water and ocean floors.

We walked across Pierce’s Park and were instantly captivated by its presence. Pierce’s Park is a multifunctional green space that combines play, stormwater management, and environmental education into a one acre urban oasis.The last scene was captured by the Wheelabrator Baltimore Smokestack, apart of the city’s largest air polluter. Since 1985, it has been the country’s 10th largest incinerator, accounting for 36% of polluted air emissions. “How can I breathe with all the smoke in the air?” Our scholars have questions about the treatment of our city!

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