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Teen Wing Takeover: MRI @ Enoch Pratt

After a well-rested break, MRI is back in action! No time to waste when there are dreams to chase! Many have created resolutions for the new year, preparing themselves to receive all the blessings that they’ve worked hard for. Here at MRI all year, every year, we plan to motivate while staying motivated. It’s easy to get wrapped up under the covers, watching a funny movie with a big mug of hot chocolate, but MRI is bringing out the heat! Read on to hear how our first day went.

On January 6, 2020, Media Rhythm Institute’s iReadiRhyme program launched it’s newest after school courses open to the public! Oh yeah, and did I mention that it was free!? From 3-5PM, the teen wing of the Enoch Pratt Free Library located on 400 Cathedral St will be taken over by MRI scholars. From the high-tech, dual screen Mac recording equipment to the projector room with 20+ of the newest laptops for individual learning, scholars are invited to indulge in the extravagance of the art and challenge their skill. Read on to learn about our first day.

As Mr. Murray and Ms. Kaela (Lead iRiR instructors) introduced themselves and went over expectations of the program, students started to envision their flourishing opportunities for the future. In today’s business world, networking is key. Media Rhythm Institute not only provides moments of networking, but also creates circumstances for monetary gain and emotional stability for the children. Having a safe space for children to creatively and appropriately express themselves is very important in youth development. We are trying to optimize on our scholar’s talents to give them a different focus than what is around them.

This elite program is geared towards 9th through 12th grade students, who have a creative interest in making quality music. We are not excluding any students with interest, but we want them to understand that this is a fun, but professional environment. We love to laugh and create unforgettable moments with new MRI family.

Our producer for this after school program is Mr. Tyler (Fourstaxx), the newest edition to our MRI family! He has 10+ years in the production field and we’re ready to build our community with harmonious melodies and thumping 808’s. He blended well with one of our veteran scholar producers, Derric Massey, who started cooking up beats as soon as he walked in! We finished the first class by discussing possible themes for songs and having all the students spit some personal bars and freestyles.

Check out a clip from Young Elder

Even Mr. Murray showed the students why he is the principal of the music media department of the illustrious Media Rhythm Institute. One young lady (Maya J) recited poetry for the group. It’s exciting to see the diversity of the youth in our city.

It’s time to get involved!

We want scholars to tell their unheard story. Children have a lot to express, and excellent ideas as well. Let’s get in where we fit in. Our scholars may not want to be the next best rap artist, maybe they just have an ear for music and would like to expand on that interest. Someone who is best at making beats may want to move towards becoming a producer. Or maybe there is a student who is good at promotions and encouraging others to bring out their best inner artists, which would lead them in the direction of a manager or hype man. So, come on out youth! Don’t be afraid to show your interests because we can find an opportunity for you.

Visit our new webpage at, where you can get your scholar involved in our after school iReadiRhyme program. You can also send us your email address and we will send you our monthly newsletter filled with recent and upcoming events! Let’s get involved!

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