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Join us as we Celebrate "My Voice, My Choice" at BeMore Me Showcase

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Hmmm, this sounds like something I want to hit up this week!

Coming up in just a few days, Raven Paris and Porkchop of 92Q are hosting the Bmore ME Virtual Showcase. For young creatives this is a perfect opportunity to stay connected and creative during this global pandemic. The best part is- it’s virtual, so you can log on from anywhere and still take part in this great display of talent.

Dr. Sonja Stantelises, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Brown University, knows all too well about the power of the arts. She holds a Master of Arts degree in education administration, paired with a Doctorate of Education in administration, planning, and social policy. This is why she has been the CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools since May 2016.

Dr. Stantelises, alongside Mayor Brandon Scott are prepared to lead and spearhead this event in the Baltimore fashion of extreme excellence.

We encourage all students, their families and friends to participate in this amazing event. We are witnessing so many doors being opened through this shared love of music and culture. Lets continue to do this work!

This event is bringing out some of the hottest, most driven creatives that are both local and visitors to this city we call home. Some of those guests include Senator Cory McCray, a fire poet, Lady Brion, and Aaron Maybin, a social enthusiast, artist, and author. We are also super excited to see our girl TT The Artist, director of Dark City- Beneath The Beat, a very Baltimore film that a few of our partners and instructors premiered in this past August.

It all goes down this Thursday, May 27, from 4-6pm EST.

Register here at the following link :

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