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MRI Loves Giving You Ways to LEARN & EARN

We are midway through the month and we have already awarded our first cash prize for the amazing talent and creativity displayed in our Album Cover Contest. Stay tuned for our next post as we announce our winner and a sneak peek at our Best of MRI Album (ps...if you follow us on IG you can find out sooner 😉).

Don't worry there are more ways to show your talent and earn cool prizes so make sure you keep following us for updates. RIGHT NOW the folks at DTLR are still accepting applications for their FAFSA 2021 Lyrical Challenge. Not only are they awarding prizes for dope music content they are ALSO getting you ready for college and more importantly... paying for it!

Get the funds for school....More info Get your music in the challenge...More info

Don't forget about these ⬇⬇ FREE skill building resources. Not only do we tell you about these great competitions and contests, we are also helping make sure you win. Drop in one of our master classes (coming soon), attend one of our partner specialty classes, or enroll in a full MRI session for FREE and we will help you fine tune your album, your podcast, your v-log, your portfolio etc...



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