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MRI Super Summer! Summer 2019, we had another fun filled summer teaching youth in our many media and entertainment programs. Super Kids was one of the organizations that MRI worked with this ummer, offering our BMore Than Dance, iRead iRhyme, and Channel Me Media program.

Youth had intense weekly sessions in our programs, learning multiple Baltimore club mix dance routines, mastering literary skills for song writing like similes, and comprehending the different functions of the camera. The youth took their previously learned knowledge about the environment and planets, and transformed it into educational songs and videos. Check it Out!

We gave 5 youth workers, who have already worked with us, an opportunity to help guide the children participating in the programs, from creating beats for the children to make songs to creating a documentary of our work done this summer. Youth workers traveled to different locations to enrich youth’s experience.

MRI had the opportunity to perform at the 2019 Artscape, and you know we brought the crew! Some students were able to perform on stage while others just captured the moments of joy. We were able to link up with FOX45 and WYPR to discuss what MRI was and to expose our participation at Artscape.

All of our youth workers enjoyed putting their new skills to the test while making some money as well. Teaching the camp kids their newly discovered talents and interests was inspiring for the campers to see other young people paving the way. Can’t wait for next year!

If you are interested in having MRI programs at your summer camp or you would like your youth to be involved with MRI this summer, contact us at

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