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MRI Instructors Reflect on Becoming Teaching Artists

MRI always strives to support creative youth development, but did you know how passionate the company is about supporting and developing its roster of teaching artists and creatives? MRI has set its agenda to empowering and education the next generation of media arts industry professionals mri-instructors-reflect-on-becoming-teaching-artistsand it starts in our own backyard.

Our goal is to educate and employ young creatives to enable them to create sustainable lives from their talents and skills. As we take this break from in person and on site services we have welcomed our scholars and families to capture their feelings about MRI on camera (see older posts). We have also given that same opportunity to our MRI instructors to reflect on MRI as a whole and their virtual transitions. Take a moment to listen to the journey of iRhyme instructor Ms. Kae from student to teacher as well as our iRhyme instructor and engineer Mr BJ as he settles into his role as a virtual instructor.

In collaboration with our Channel Me Media editors and production team, we will hear from all of our programs and participants throughout the year. We will keep adding these testimonials and reflections throughout the summer and fall so check back often or sign up for blog updates!


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