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MRI Wraps Up 1st Virtual Classes

Uncertain of how the end of the school year would look, MRI worked tirelessly with instructors, administration, and families to bring arts education to a virtual platform. We are happy to say we had 3 months of great interactive programming to not only lessen the learning gap but get our students and their families engaged and recharged.

We were fortunate to have instructors join us remotely from the midwest, east coast, and west coast to add to our wonderful instructional staff. Along with that, our virtual environment also allowed our Baltimore City youth to be joined by youth from across 14 cities. We learned a lot along the way, made some mistakes, and found some effective "lit" ways to engage our students from the comforts and safety of their own homes.

We were able to capture some of those feelings on film and thanks to our editor, Channel Me Media instructor, Brian O., we can let you hear from instructors and families about all of our first experiences teaching and learning online. Check our the video below from instructor Nori Nori and student Lila and family about their online experiences with Channel Me Media.

Check back and subscribe to hear more testimonies about from our other programs and families. Also we will be sharing how our summer program goes for our little learners.


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