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Reflections from MRI Instructors

As we end 2019, our MRI instructors took time out to give us their reflections and look back on how their scholars have grown and excelled since the first day of school.


Instructor iRhyme @ Montebello

At the beginning of this school year....

It was very clear to me that confidence was going to be something we as a class had to better. Many students lacked the ability to simply speak about themselves positively amongst one another.  MRI's Ms. Miller was able to bring in a much needed assistance in helping students appreciate themselves. 

Together with affirmations geared towards self love, family, community and friendship they were able to take in the class much better. As the year ends, each student has now created something for themselves and with each other successfully. 

The biggest accomplishment our classes made together...

was being able to each complete the “BK PUBLISHING” Workshops Week. We had classes group into 5 students and present an organized showcase of writing, performing, producing and negotiating one of 5 publishing contracts. It taught them the larger perspective that our program truly offers and we had an amazing time doing it! 

Student Shout Out...

goes to Kristina and her classmate Kayden . They have demonstrated a level of consistent growth, are always on time, attentive and ready to take on the next chapter on our program.


Instructor iRhyme @ Margaret Brent

At the beginning of this school year....

I was anxious the first day because this was the first time in a few years a music teacher had stayed at the school for 2 years consecutively. I wanted my kids to see my investment in them and iRhyme. I worked hard on maintaining a solid structure and organization within my classroom, it makes a difference in the energy in my room and also lightens the load when working with the students.

The biggest accomplishment our classes made together...

was the 8th grade's hard work in creating and writing 2 song this quarter.  I’ve had multiple students come out of their shells so far this year; last year they were more fearful with the writing process, but this year they are invested in the process of creating music.

Student Shout Out...

goes to Darron and Crystal in the 8th Grade who keep excelling lyrically. 


Co Instructor iRhyme @ Montebello

At the beginning of this school year....

Fall 2019 has been a great start of the school year for me! I’ve met a bunch of scholars with bright futures ahead. Now as a co-instructor at Montebello, I feel like we ( Mr. BJ and I) have an impactful presence with the students. I feel like the presence of both male and female leaders has a calming affect on the students and now, they even make sure they come and say goodbye with smiles before they leave.

The biggest accomplishment our classes made together...

was producing an affirmation song. Every class we began with a daily affirmation, a statement declared to be true. The affirmation song was a way to get every student involved and encourage the students with self love. Each of our 4 classes created their own affirmation song, which includes each student saying an affirmation that they created. Way to go guys!

Student Shout Out...

goes to Kailyn, an amazing 5 th grade student that has been not only productive, but always engaged and well behaved.


Instructor iDance @ Montebello

At the beginning of this school year....

the semester started off very fun, but very challenging. This was my first time engaging with students of their caliber and passion for dance, yet it was a challenge because several students didn’t know the true meaning of teamwork, responsibility, and accountability. I challenged the students with hard work, team building, love, and determination, and we were able to push through for a successful first and second quarter.

The biggest accomplishment our classes made together...

was performing at this year’s Book Fair during the Light City festival.

Student Shout Out...

goes to 5th Grader, Taylor, was so excited to perform in public, that she volunteered to perform parts of the new routine that we were still learning. She was so eager to show everyone what she learned, and that made me happy as ever.

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