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Black History Month Spotlight: Mumu Fresh

Maimouna Youssef, better known as Mumu Fresh, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and activist of Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee, and African American heritage. She has earned her place in music history with her unique sound that ranges from jazz, gospel, spirituals, and traditional African & traditional Indigenous music to hip hop, soul, rock, and experimental a capella fusion. Her dedication to her craft and the community make her an exemplary figure to highlight during Black History Month.

Maimouna Youssef's music is not only powerful, but it's also a reflection of her journey. Her upbringing by theatrical parents who taught her how to handle an audience and a microphone undoubtedly influenced her musical style. Her deep roots in indigenous and African cultures have allowed her to blend different genres seamlessly, creating a unique sound.

Her musical career started in 2007 when she earned a Grammy nomination for her vocal contribution to "Don't Feel Right" by The Roots. She then performed in the hip-hop documentary Dave Chappelle's Block Party, which further propelled her career. Her EP, Black Magic Woman, and album, The Blooming, showcased her musical prowess. While her album Vintage Babies was released with D.J. Dummy in 2017, featuring Common, Irvin Washington, and Malik Yusef, showcased her ability to collaborate and produce music that impacts the world.

Youssef is more than just a musician. She possesses an incredible passion for activism and community service. She has donated much of her time and platform to raise awareness and educate people about race and gender inequity, environmental justice, and independence for artists. Maimouna has also performed in several U.S. prisons, the Congressional Black Caucus, I.M.A.N. Central in Chicago, The W. K. Kellogg Foundation, and more, bringing awareness to important social issues.

She has also created an online music education platform called "Muniversity Studies" to teach aspiring artists how to reimagine the music business and thrive independently with purpose. This platform is a testament to her desire to support and elevate other artists while changing the traditional music industry's narrative.

Mumu Fresh is a global citizen, musical healer, cultural philanthropist, and community pillar. Many publications have highlighted Youssef's philanthropic endeavors and music, including Variety, Ebony, Essence, and B.E.T. She has built a relationship with over 200K engaged fans on social media who have shared and streamed her music millions of times in at least 92 countries worldwide.

As we celebrate Black History Month, we must highlight the talent and hard work of Maimouna Youssef. Her journey, music, activism, and education work should inspire us all. Her music and artistry reflect the experiences of Black people and the history of African and indigenous cultures in a unique way that bridges gaps between people of different cultures and backgrounds. She is an exemplary figure who uses her artistry and activism to make a difference in the world, highlighting the importance of representation, inclusivity, and equity. We are proud to claim her as one of our own.

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