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3 Schools Prepare to Showcase Talent at MRI's Music Fest

We have been preparing all school year for our moment to shine. The Lakeland

leaders along with scholars from Margaret Brent and Montebello Elementary/ Middle School

have worked hard to get their voices heard. Our scholars have experienced a lot these past

couple of months, perfecting dance moves and banging song lyrics. It all comes together on Friday at Music Fest.

The End of 2nd Quarter MRI Music Fest will be held at Lakeland Elementary/ Middle School located at 2921 Stranden Rd, Baltimore, MD 21230 on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 10:30am to 12:30pm. Our Lakeland scholars are veterans when comes to the Media Rhythm Institute.

They’ve welcomed us back to have something like a family reunion

In our iRead iRhyme program, held during school hours for Margret Brent and

Montebello, students have been working hard on self-expression and self-love. Defeating life changing tragedies, our scholars have cooked up some heat! New to our program, Montebello students were a little questionable about what was to come. The students discussed everything from

publishing contracts to current events, as well as daily affirmations, creating a safe haven for the

students. The iDance program has been teaching and testing students’ knowledge with key dance

terminology. Routines that were once so challenging have become clock work to these scholars. Their determination leads them to their first big performance as a group Friday.

Margaret Brent students were looking forward to Ms. Kaela teaching the

iRead iRhyme program for the second year in the row! MRI was honored to be invited back with

good friends and extraordinary scholars.They have been practicing and learning skills and they are ready. It was hard to choose this roster of performers who were all outstanding for this showcase!

Lakeland's after school programming with MRI has been lit! Some of the students

have been in the program for years and they know all about the fun performances and

opportunities with MRI. Lakeland students always come ready so get geared up to hear and see

the vibes they create!

MRI loves to bring our family from all over the city to perform together. The

students can really appreciate the opportunity they have to express themselves in an

appropriate and fun way. It is important that MRI scholars from different atmospheres

experience the commonality between each other. Even though it’s only a showcase, friendly

competition is in the air. We love to inspire each other while staying inspired!

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