Channel Me Media enhances reading literacy and math skills while encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and empowering youth to expand their knowledge of the media industry through research and documentary projects. 

Our goal is to inspire young people to pursue careers in multimedia and improve their quality of life by offering exposure to positive opportunities to learn about their history, network with community leaders, and explore the many career paths that exist within the multimedia industry. Channel Me  Media also provides mentorship opportunities and peer consulting in an effort to provide youth with the tools, skills, and support necessary as they matriculate through middle school, high school, college and on into adulthood.

students will...

  • Learn the process and best practices necessary for the production of the documentary

  • Complete a documentary project that will reflect their voice & that of their peers

  • Have a screening to engage the community in dialogue around documentary topics

  • Receive DVD’s to practice entrepreneurial skills for marketing, advertising and selling their finished product