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MRI Student Produced Commercial Series: The Black Genius Art Show

Over the summer, our students worked with four Baltimore-area black-owned businesses to produce individual commercials for each company.

Learn & Earn

A significant part of our mission is to give students hands-on experience in their chosen field of interest. This year, we worked with YouthWorks to hire Baltimore area youth interested in videography. The partnership allowed us to teach students hands-on, resume-building videography skills and get paid to do it.

We started by having professionals in the media industry come in and speak with the students. Students received professional guidance on best practices in marketing and journalism to ensure they understood the commercial's purpose. Then they spent the next few weeks storyboarding and creating the soundtrack and concept for the commercial. Last, we visited each business, and the students handled the entire filming process.

The Black Genius Art Show

Bryan Robinson is a true artist at heart. From an early age, he created images that reflected the world around him. His passion for art and creativity kept him involved in Baltimore's art scene. In 2014, he began selling his art all over the city and found that it resonated with people. Eventually, his work evolved into wearable art pieces, and the hybrid art gallery opened in 2021.

The space has quickly become a creative hub in the community. It is a place for the city to commune and for artists to showcase their work.

The Commercial

The students wanted to create a commercial that reflected the youth and energy of the Black Genius Art Show brand. With the assistance of our excellent instructors, the students handled all the heavy lifting of conceptualizing the commercial. The students were the camera crew and interviewers. They spent the day at Black Genius Art Show and successfully captured the owner's and business's creativity and vitality.

We are genuinely proud of the work our students produced. Please take a moment to view the video, then head over to our Instagram and let us know your thoughts.

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